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catHat Software develops sophisticated software involving networking, clients & servers, security, semantic web, logic and evolutionary programming.

Our latest work involves creating a network monitor that feeds into Mongo DB, creating cryptography software, and interfacing a multilibrary javascript frontend with embedded systems.

We use genetic programming and artificial intelligence techniques to create software that learns and that can represent data and experience as rules and formulas that can be integrated into intelligent systems.

We code in golang, node/javascript, C, php and python (as well as many other languages). Artificial intelligence programming is done in prolog and lisp. Mongo DB, relational databases, ontologies and the semantic web tie our applications and knowledge bases together. We are fully conversant in web technologies and object oriented and rule based and functional programming.

We are available for consulting, partnership and collaboration. We specialize in doing what others may say is impossible.

Please see Facet Now for information about a semantic web platform that we created. Demonstrations of our advanced genetic programming system in python are available on request.

Please contact us for more information at chris.rose at Or at LinkedIn. References are available on request.